The academy garden is one of the visitors to the academy has observed. For a srart, the setting is extra ordinary dramatic for a garden. It is set top of a ridge so that while looking at the microcosm of the individual flower, it is as through the immensity is spread all round.

Academy has been accalimed as an abode of pious plants. The garden in the Academy has from the beginning been laid out not for any one's private pleasure, but for offering garlands of flowers grown here to the deities to the famous temples of Melkote. Further, the significance of the varieties of the flowers lies not simply in their curiosity but in that that have been chosen because each one relates to a particular episode in Sanskrit literature. Just like and everything else in the academy, the garden too is merely a concrete expression of how the past and future crystallize in the present. It is enough to look at the Kolas, the Stone Tanks and mantapas to realize how little , mamlys, unremembered acts of kindness and of love performed by certain Babaveraja or oddayya after whom the tanks are named even beautify the land.